Andersen Chandradinata

Jakarta 2050, a university project, envisions a submerged future through 10 meticulously crafted 3D renders set in the year 2050. These visual narratives vividly depict the lives of residents grappling with a waterlogged urban landscape, serving as a poignant commentary on issues like public unawareness and government neglect. Despite earnest attempts, socio-economic challenges present formidable barriers to effective solutions.”
Hello! I’m Andersen (Ander) Chandradinata. During my studies in the Digital Media program, I developed a strong interest in the creative 3D and animation industry. I’ve also been keen and interested in various creative practices, which include video editing, graphic design, and photography. I am a visual artist who is passionately driven, creatively ambitious to overcome new challenges, and ready to contribute in a collaborative environment.