This is a team project in China, name is Artemis’s Birthday, they want me to create a video that can put up in China billboard, and there are requirements of the video, it has to be about the character: Artem, the video have to catch people’s eyeballs, and it has to show how Artem looks amazing in short period of time. I use after effects to create this video, the concept is to celebrate Artem birthday and showing how good looking he is. Tried with different techniques playing with fonts and clips to create this work.
Hallooo, my name is Annette. During my studies in the digital media program, I enjoyed working with others and I am very happy when there is challenge to solve with, I specialise my studies toward video editing, photography and some UX/UI. I am really looking forward to step in the digital design world after I graduated, I love working with different software and I am always positive with difficulties.