Evelyn Khong

Problem: Create a digital media product that discusses the statement ‘Cinema is a dying art’, giving your perspective on the prompt and a solution. 
Strategy: Using a combination of remixing, the concept of anachronism and AI to create a video that depicts that cinema is no longer the grand escapism plaza theatre it used to be, but cinema is evolving to be an experience that all kinds of people can enjoy from anywhere. 
Hey. My name is Evelyn. Also known as 11Berry. Throughout this digital media degree, I have learnt a wide range of skills from different medium. I still have a big passion for video but expanding my knowledge into HTML coding, graphic designing, sound designing and even 3D modelling and game design has been so exciting and challenging; even to the point of taking a full-time job as a Data Analyst. Video is my main passion as creating either videos with marketing purposes or abstract storylines intrigue me and motivate me the most. So if I can help with the production or with the design decisions, I am eager to use my knowledge of various digital mediums to support my future colleagues.