Kim Keat Kong

In this project, I created a speculative short film that depicts the future of digital media where humans will be widely using the brain chip technology called Neuralink to aid them in their daily activities. This work will revolve around the idea of the consumption of content by humans on social media and the internet. It will depict the desires the characters have and the extent they will go to achieve a status that is set by huge social media corporations with the aim of further making people consume content and capitalizing on them.

Hey, my name is Keat. Taking the digital media degree has been such a dynamic trip of emotions. I have learned a lot throughout the years and there are countless things that I can take away from completing this degree. Getting to learn from passionate people in the industry helped me shaped myself into a creative practitioner. I am an aspiring filmmaker and designer and have definitely built up a lot of skills and knowledge from the courses. From here on out, I will be branching out into the film industry and mould myself as a filmmaker.