The online condition is a university project i completed in response to the prompt “the online experience undermines authenticity“. While planning out and brainstorming for this work, i chose to focus on the idea that “we as online citizens have become accustomed to the protection of our digital accounts and physical screens, in which we have become carefree yet complacent with our actions and behaviours in the online world”. Moving forward with this work, i used this as my driving force and inspiration. I played with concepts surrounding the chaos of the internet, the safety and protection of anonimity, online personas, as well as complacency while traversing the online world.

Hello! My name is Kirsten, but I also go by Kit (it’s just easier to say sometimes; you’d be surprised how many iterations of ‘Kirsten’ I’ve heard), and I’m primarily a video, motion graphics, and VFX editor. Having found my footing in Adobe After Effects a few years ago, I decided to further expand on my skillset in the Digital Media program. During the program, I was given many opportunities to explore different types of editing as well as use different editing techniques. This allowed me to realise the possibilities of working in production, post-production, content creation, and more.