‘Alone’ is a Japanese inspired horror experience. I have always been interested in Japanese culture, from their food to their traditional clothing and traditions. Their folklore is known for spirits and disturbingly looking ghosts/demons. This immersive horror experience captivates viewers into feeling alone and trapped in a room, where spiritual beings are haunting the environment around them. This project was created with the intent of being a 3-video-visual surround sound black box presentation at RMIT. The video portrayed is my piece of the work. All assets and animations were created within Maya and final footage/frames were edited in After Effects.

Hi, my name is Montana and I have a passion for digital design. I have an interest in 2D / 3D animation and motion design although my skills are not limited to other forms of digital design such as videography, app design and graphic design. In the future I hope to work towards gaining a career within the advertisement industry.