This work was influenced by the psychology of ultraviolet light. Bees, unlike humans, can distinguish between various colours and, most significantly, ultraviolet (UV) light. As a result, patterns are produced by the pigments in flower petals that absorb UV light. These patterns sometimes called “nectar guides” or “honey guides,” are thought to direct pollinators to the centres of flowers. I incorporated these patterns in my illustrations when designing the video assets. UV patterns of plants are significant in the flower-pollinator interaction because many insects’ frequency ranges of visual perception extend into this region.

I’m Rayanne Ahmed, but most people call me Ray. I’m an ambitious academic located in Melbourne, Australia. Within the realm of digital media, I specialise in various fields, including graphic design, social media content creation, and video production. Whether it’s crafting captivating designs, curating compelling social media content, or bringing ideas to life through video production, I’m very passionate about my work.