Yifan Pei

In the soundtrack of a silent short film in this year’s sound design course, the design focus of this short film is reflected in the description of environmental sound, character action psychology and prompt sound, hoping to show the contrast between various scenes in this film through the sound design of these three aspects. The feature of this short film is that the scene changes very quickly, that is, I want them to show contrast, and hope that the transition of nature is a problem I have encountered in my work. Through my continuous listening, I found the appropriate connection point between them, and finally reached a more natural state through corresponding processing.
Hello, my name is Yifan Pei. During my course in Digital media, I was excited to get involved in the broad field of digital media and gain skills in various software and design thinking processes. I specialize in graphic design, poster design and video editing, as well as animation production, and hope to find a job in graphic design or animation production.