This showcases photos where I personally create makeup looks and pair them with various styles of clothing. With meticulous makeup techniques and unique fashion combinations, I strive to create diverse and impressive images. Each photo represents my unique perspective on beauty and my pursuit of creativity. I hope that through these works, I can showcase my skills in makeup and fashion to the audience, inspiring and bringing enjoyment through the beauty they convey. The post-editing of these photos is also done by me.

Hello, my name is Xiaofan Dai. I recently completed a degree in Digital Media and really enjoyed the variety of disciplines and hands-on experience it offered. Throughout my studies, I developed a strong expertise in content creation and social media marketing. I’m passionate about creating engaging and impactful content that resonates with my audience. My ultimate goal is to become a successful social media influencer, using my skills and creativity to build a strong online presence and connect with a wide audience.