Juliette Nicol

This project features a community-driven website that allows our users to “gift” (give) away their second-hand clothes, or “thrift” (take) clothes for free. With the emphasis on fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, we strive to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills while empowering the people of Melbourne.

Hi I’m Juliette, passionate designer currently in my third year of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media at RMIT University in Melbourne. While I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, my primary focus lies in the captivating realm of UX/UI design. However, I’m equally enamoured with photography and videography, which I actively pursue as a freelancer. Additionally, I have a flair for editorial makeup artistry, adding another dimension to my creative repertoire. My professional journey is driven by a desire to push the boundaries of UX/UI design, striving to craft groundbreaking and imaginative digital experiences for my communities. My goal is simple: I want people to be drawn to and captivated by digital worlds I create. I firmly believe that UX principles extend far beyond the digital realm, permeating into my work in photography, makeup artistry, and customer service. Whether it’s a website or a makeup session, I ensure that people have the best experience, with creativity and passion at the forefront of everything I do.