Kevin Le

Painting in VR is a different, more visceral experience. The first instinct when stepping into a blank, dark, and empty world is to paint. That’s exactly what I did. It was extremely satisfying to convey my thoughts in a 3D environment. When working in VR, planning and designer’s block were almost non-existent. Experimenting was done on the fly, and I could easily undo anything that didn’t look right with a single button press. There was no turning back once I put on the headset.

Hey it’s Kev, I am an enthusiastic individual with a strong passion for creativity and innovation. During my digital media degree, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the endless possibilities of different mediums and honing my skills in design and immersive experiences. With a specialization in virtual reality, I have developed a keen eye for crafting captivating and engaging digital environments. Looking ahead, my career goal is to continue pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences that blend art and technology seamlessly.