I made a video project in the course of immersive video. I named him Awake. This video used to have no theme. The previous version was shot with an ancient DV machine bought by my team partner in the market with 10AUD. After that, I had some inspiration. There are many themes that can be shot with this equipment. Finally, I chose to shoot a very obscure story about those who need drugs to treat mental and mental diseases and complete this project as an immersive experience.
I will graduate from RMIT in 2024 with more than one year experience in video shooting and post-production, and I can also take into account camera photography. On this basis, I have worked in Chinese mainland for two years in graphic design, studied UI/UX design at RMIT, and made two complete UI/UX design projects with my team members during the learning process. The web version of the project about traditional masks was designed and completed by me.