Lenka Zhang

“Nature Journey” is a 3d immersive digital game. The game will use bionics technology to build a 3D model map with 360 ° stereo sound simulation of various natural environments and creatures. We also added music, colour changes and other elements to increase the game’s interactivity. The project intends to explore the connection between digital media and nature through the field of bionics and digital design and turn it into a bridge between digital media and nature. It is also hoped that by combining bionic technology with digital technology, users can temporarily free themselves from the busy real world, quiet their minds, release the stress caused by usual work and study, and feel the beauty of nature. Let people who are engaged with life and gradually lose the opportunity to experience nature create a chance to deeply interact with the natural world at home.

Hi, my name is Lenka, and during my time studying the Digital Media course, I have learnt a lot about the field and gained skills in various design software and design thinking processes. I specialise in illustration, graphic design and visual design to find work in illustration or product design.