“Truth” is an abstract, experimental and colourful dream-like video. Accompanied by Claude Debussy’s beautiful Clair de lune as the soundtrack., “Truth” presents you with numerous surreal environments, as you travel between nature and urban worlds. Others you pass by may see the world differently on their journey through life. A person’s perception can never arrive at the real truth, but rather their own version through their own eyes.
Hi, I’m Lucas, during the course in Digital Media I have enjoyed learning a broad range of skills, not just technical, but also thinking about the process behind making things, such as the culture during the development of my designs, and the future implications for the world. Having had such a diverse range of experiences, I have come to love to create 3D worlds, and while seemingly limitless, I also appreciate constraints that allow me to focus. I hope to inspire others like I was myself in my future career.