Minnie Park

Quantum Faces features 4 AR facial sculptures named with words created by the artist. They represent feelings that do not yet have words, undefined by language. By defining them and giving names to these feelings, it offers the opportunity to process these emotions and move forward, facilitating more effective communication between people.

Hi, I’m Minnie Park, born in Seoul, South Korea, and currently based in Melbourne. I am a 3D artist, musician, and someone who is always looking for the next things to explore. I create 3D art, AR experiences, sing, produce music, paint, and indulge in daydreams. I am deeply intrigued by human emotions and colours, and how they influence one another and us in return. Through immersive and interactive audio-visual experiences of 3D and music, I aim to offer a closer look at our feelings and inner selves, helping to identify our true and authentic nature. I believe that understanding ourselves not only enriches our own experiences but also facilitates more meaningful connections and interactions with those around us.