Ngan Dang

I was inspired by the Vietnam Water Puppet, which is a cherished intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam. Chú Tễu (literally uncle comedian, buffoon, joker) is a typical puppet in Vietnamese water puppetry. This character usually introduces the performance and makes humorous actions for the audience. To make it more anti-hero, I made the appearance of the puppet look more goofy and childish by adding scars and tattoos. His accessories were inspired by Dong Ho painting and Viet Nam traditional musical instrument – moon lute.

Hi, I’m Ngan, a girl who has a passion for design. My journey in 2D and 3D design began with a fascination for the convergence of technology and art. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, from sculpting lifelike characters in three dimensions to crafting intricate 2D illustrations, I am driven by a passion for bringing ideas to life in the most compelling and visually engaging ways.