rui zhang

This is a logo design project. Design a logo that represents my personality and interests. The theme I chose was nature. I love nature and the things in it; flowers, birds, fish and insects, especially greenery, make me feel relaxed. I like to enjoy the sun, go for walks, and observe and record things in nature. The logo consists of elements that represent nature: the sun and the green leaf. The whole logo is in the shape of a leaf, which is divided into two parts: a hand holding the sun. For the colour scheme, I chose a mild yellow representing the sun and the green of the plant. They don’t seem to have a strong contrast and give a cosy and comfortable feeling, which is in line with my concept of being in touch with nature and enjoying the sunshine.
Hi, my name is Rui Zhang. During my studies in the Digital Media Program, I am excited to be able to cover a wide range of areas in digital media and gain skills in a variety of software and design thinking processes. I specialise in illustration and graphic design and look forward to finding a career in a related field. I have experience using typography, illustration, and layout to design web pages, presentations, illustrated stories, and posters, as well as applying storytelling, sound design, and color psychology to make trailers and films. I am also familiar with photography and post-editing. I am passionate about innovation and eager to contribute my creativity to the team.