Tom Petridis

The 3D bunny model I created was initially inspired by a lamp I gifted to my girlfriend. However, it’s more than just a single project; it’s becoming my signature 3D design. This bunny is set to appear in my future works, becoming a recurring symbol in my art. It serves as a distinctive element in my artistic journey, coming along with me on 3D journey and being there to see everything I create.
Hey! I’m Tom, I am on my colourful journey through 3D life! When I am not immersed in the beautiful world of 3D art and cartoons on my trusty PC, you’ll likely find me on the football field, lost in the beats of hyper pop or exploring the land of Ooo with Finn the Human and Jake the dog! I have a profound love for creativity and design, from crafting captivating 3D scenes to sipping iced chais at cute cafes with my girlfriend and picnicking with my friends!