A Synchronized Future Society capsulate a hypothetical reality by exaggerating the effect of modern tech slowly submerging humanity. It visualizes the question:
Does tech becoming an extension of ourselves today puts us in a reality where we become part of it?

Hello, is this working? Ah. There you go. Hi, I’m Zain. Wanna meet up for coffee sometime? Just kidding… Maybe. I am having this verbally recorded so I am really sorry if it has anything strange. Anyway, I am completing my bachelors degree in Digital Media. RMIT has given me a lot of opportunities to grow my skills and explore my interests in the field. At the moment, I just completed my internship at Cheil in Dubai. During my internship I enjoyed working on major brands such as Samsung and Eveready…. and, I got interested in Digital Marketing marketing and successfully completed the course from Google. Would love to hear more about from you if I can be of any assistance. Ciao.